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PRO-Active approach to Neurorehabilitation integrating air splints* and other therapy tools
(* Urias® Johnstone air splints)

December 2017


upload instuction videos


Hehe, since September we have been uploading a video every month about how to apply the different Johnstone air splints.

We also give an idea of an activity that you can do with and without the splint. We hope that these videos will meet the needs of therapists and carers.
We are not yet at the end, there are still some videos in the pipeline.

At the beginning of February we have our annual meeting of instructors. This year in Prague!
Your questions or suggestions are always welcome.


July 2017


launch new website


Our website needed a new lay-out and from now on he is also "responsive". This means that you can check our website on PC, tablet, smartphone... and the site will adapt to the screen you're using in a way that you can always read him without scrolling sideways.

We also needed to prepare the site for our instruction videos. By using HTML5 and CSS3 we hope to give you the comfort needed to watch the videos on any platform.


March 2017


annual lecture "werkgroep PANat"


Meeting place: AZ Sint-Lucas Gent (Belgium)
Topic: Disease insight
Lecturer: Bie Op de Beek
Thanks to our members more than 70 participants enjoyed the fluent organisation of this lecture. The participants also gave a very high score for the 2 hours input of Bie; they appreciated very much her nice way of bringing a difficult theoretical topic in a practical way, always interacting with the public.

For our workgroup it was a nice present for our 25th anniversary.


February 2017

3 - 5

13th international meeting PANat teachers


It's always a happy time when we meet every year. Sadly Renata couldn't come this time but everybody else was present.
Meeting place: day 1 in Sint Niklaas, day 2 and 3 in Beveren (Belgium)
Motto of the meeting was: "Thought is the blossom; Language is the bud; Action the fruit behind it” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
And "Action" was one of the most heard words. ;-)
Because the main activity was filming. With the help of Paul already several scripts were prepared and for 2 of the 3 days we changed in to a real filming crew.
The result at the end of our meeting was that we have the material to prepare 8 instruction videos about the correct application of Johnstone air splints.

But their was also time for celebration: champagne glasses high and congratulations Franziska Wälder with the publication of your book about the PANat-Laptool®.

Of course other topics were handled, new ideas for training by Anne-Marie, practical inputs by Franziska and Birgitte, and great theoretical input from Gail about the 5 principles of PANat.

As always there was also time for relaxation, a wonderful late night supper with a lot of Sushi and a lot of laughing. Thank you for planning Anne Marie.


Octobre 2016


book PANat-Laptool

  Franziska Wälder wrote a book about her "baby": the PANat-Laptool®.
The title of the book is 'Training mit PANat-Laptool® nach Schlaganfall' and is written in German.
In the book you will not only find the theoretical background but also a lot of practical examples and illustrations .
The book is now available in the bookshop.

book PANat-Laptool


Mit PANat-Laptool®-Geräten sind Fortschritte im motorischen Lernen auch für diejenigen Betroffenen möglich, bei denen andere Rehabilitationsverfahren nicht zum erhofften Erfolg führten.

Das Buch gliedert sich in vier Teile:

  1. Begriffsklärung, Vorstellung des Materials
  2. Theoretische Grundlagen, Wirkungsweise und Zielsetzungen, Schilderung einer Behandlungseinheit
  3. Übungen und konkrete Anwendungsmöglichkeiten
  4. Selbstkontrolliertes Eigentraining

Das Besondere an diesem Buch sind die überaus reiche Bebilderung und die zahlreichen Beispiele, die den Einsatz der einzelnen Geräteteile anschaulich darstellen. Jede Aufgabe wird konkretisiert und es wird ein direkter Bezug zum Alltag hergestellt, um so für jeden Patienten einen individuellen Lösungsansatz zu finden.